Using a single Secure Zone login form for multiple secure zones


The following is the explanation on how you can implement a mulitple secure zone login form, where a visitor can go a login page and choose which secure zone they wish to log into. This is useful where you have multiple level memeberships e.g. Gold and Platinum membership and you want to log in customers through the single login form. See the bottom of this page for a working example.

Step 1.

Create a login page e.g. login.html and insert a Generic Secure Zone Login form into it.

Step 2.

You then need to go to HTML code and add a dropdown menu with the secure zone names and values as options using some basic HTML code. The code you need to use will look like this:

        <select id="selectZone">
			<option value="4408">Secure Zone 1</option>
			<option value="4409">Secure Zone 2</option>

You will need to update the the values above to your secure zone IDs. The best way to obtain the IDs is to go to Website -> Secure Zones and hover the mouse over the secure zone names. If you then look at the status bar in the bottom of your browser you will see something like .../ZoneManagement_Details.aspx?ZoneID=4408. You need to obtain the number at the end of that URL, which is the secure zone ID and then add that number as a value to the dropdown options.

Step 3.

In this step you need to alter the form's validation function (in this example it's function checkWholeForm1952(theForm)) by adding the following code to it, just before this line "theForm.submit();":

        function checkWholeForm1952(theForm){
        ... // This is the existing content inside the validation functon
        //here you append the following:
        var sel = document.getElementById("selectZone");
    	theForm.action = '/ZoneProcess.aspx?ZoneID='+sel.options[sel.selectedIndex].value+'&OID=6568498&OTYPE=1';
    	return false;

The following is the working example you can explore. Login with username: guest password: guest.